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Experts with a Day Job, Rehabilitation Health (Health Experts Venture Network) and Experts Unite (Experts Collaboration Network) have a collaborative model designed to support subject matter experts who have a day job by providing them with a team, technology, and support network so their digital health and wellness idea comes to life and generates profit in a time and cost-efficient manner. The three parties are co-founders: the expert(s) as the Chief Science Officer and Chief Executive Officer, the Venture Network as the CTO, COO, CFO, Advisory Board and Funding and the Collaboration Network as the marketing, mentoring and community.

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Our Approach

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Experts With a Day Job

Our model is designed to support subject matter experts who have a day job by providing them with a team, technology, and support network so that their digital health and wellness idea comes to life and generates profit in a time and cost-efficient manner. Experts receive credits for taking actions that support others and themselves. We use these credits to provide opportunities to be advisors or members of our startups.

Improve the Patient Experience
Digital Health and Wellness

We focus on digital ideas in health and wellness, and our technology, infrastructure, & ecosystem are geared to support that focus. All collaborations we support have a Direct-to-Consumer component, a Health Expert to Patient/Client component, and a Business-to-Business component.


Experts Unite is currently warehousing investments and making new investments in coordination with our Partners. Experts Unite and Rehabilitation Health are managed by the same Partners and operate similar to a Private Equity Fund.

Technology and Ecosystem

Our management company provides technology, infrastructure, ecosystem, startup guidance, advisors, marketing and motivation to experts so their digital health and wellness idea comes to life and generates profit in a time and cost efficient manner.

Become an Expert

Become a business expert to collaborate with a vetted peer group on scaling initiatives, meeting new people, and optimizing time. Our experts are operators and funders that have the opportunity to get help and support on initiatives and investment opportunities, meet and connect with other experts and organizations, attend bi-monthly meetups, and collaborate with us to bring their ideas to life. Experts receive credits for taking actions that support others and themselves. We use these credits to provide opportunities to be advisors or members of our startups. Once admitted, experts can submit their idea(s) for funding, technology, infrastructure, ecosystem, experts, and startup guidance.
Become an Expert


Health Professionals Online Stores
Get Your Fix PT


Ember Capital

Experts Unite has partnered with Ember Capital to provide funding, technology, and ecosystem to experts with digital health and wellness ideas. Ember Capital is a family office investment firm that makes investments in a variety of sectors, asset classes, and opportunities. The Managing Member of Ember Capital is a partner in Experts Unite and Rehabilitation Health.

Founder Institute

Experts Unite has partnered with the Founder Institute and InnovatorMD on their Health Tech Virtual Accelerator. The Founder Institute is the world's largest pre-seed accelerator and helps founders across several early-stages. InnovatorMD is a healthcare innovation company that serves physicians and healthcare innovators. Members of our team are Mentors, and companies that complete this program will have the opportunity to collaborate with us on their digital health and wellness idea. Click Here for More Information.

Rehabilitation Health

Experts Unite has partnered with Rehabilitation Health to commercialize experts ideas in digital health and wellness. Rehabilitation Health Health Experts are care providers with an entrepreneurial mentality. They are currently focused on improving the patient experience, digitizing processes and repetitive tasks, optimizing time, increasing revenue, improving the ability to provide care, and bringing digital health and wellness ideas to life. Click Here for More Information.

What People Say

"I was looking at doing things better and trying to change the system and the standards of care, which is where this idea came from. David and I started talking and he motivated me to try to do things differently. In the realm of PT, a lot of people have great ideas that could change the standards of care and improve our outcomes, and there is no platform or easy avenue to do that. You guys are doing a great job creating it, and I thank you for that."Bill Hull, Co-Founder & CEO GuidePT
"The store has saved time for patients and clinicians and patient feedback for my clinic, RhodesPT has been very positive, noting the smooth process and experience for shoppers. Stores are really easy to set up and the dashboard’s ease of use within the app is great! I love that patients can access stores directly from a clinic’s website and then select their individual therapist on a clinic’s landing page for a personalized patient experience."Jen Bieber, Founder Health Professionals Online Stores
"You may want to check out Rehabilitation Health. It is a collaborative networking group that pays-it-forward as they try to move the needle in healthcare and wellness. Their founder, David Bieber has an infectious passion. Through collaboration and David Bieber ‘s energetic passion everyone is a winner. Rehabilitation Health events get better and better! You and your team are doing such a great job!!!"Janet Riker Lawrence, Founder Harmony Surgical
"I'm writing to congratulate you for the last summit - It was awesome! It was so interesting - I learned a lot from you all! And I'm so grateful that you invited me to be part of this amazing group. I'm meeting many smart and kind people, and you are truly responsible for that. Thank you again!"Simone C M Silvestre, MD, MSc Chief of Nutritional Therapy Team in Hospital Felício Rocho
"This has been such a rich resource personally, and for our company's VibraCool home rehabilitation product evolution. Really, there couldn't be a time when these resources are as critically needed. Bravo for putting yourself out there constantly and pulling it off! Rehabilitation Health has subject-matter experts in so many different key areas of starting a medical device business, everything from regulatory to manufacturing to intellectual property. There's such a complicated ecosystem when you’re making a company and you have already provided so many subject-matter experts and support - it's been incredibly valuable. "Dr. Amy Baxter, CEO Pain Care Labs
"I really can’t say enough good things about the process of working with Rehabilitation Health. I put down the really corny catch phrase of you can’t have your cake and eat it. Well I felt like working with Rehabilitation Health, you could, because they de-risked what we were trying to do and really met and exceeded our expectations without really knowing what this could turn into and really produced something that is a great product. We were able to meet with them regularly, and they took the time to understand what our vision was in making this come to life and gave some really good feedback. We thought we were coming with these really high end questions, and their response would be ‘Oh yeah, we’ll take care of that.’ And it was just that over and over again in making this come to life. I personally hold the work that I do to a very high standard, and held them to a high standard as well, and they nailed it."Akil Piggot, Co-Founder & CEO ACL CARE Pro
“I am so grateful to be part of an enterprise dedicated to paying it forward and improving lives. I know Rehab Health will make a tremendous difference. Thank you for including me! As you can see I’m a Bieber fan, the most important thing: David Bieber. I’m a huge Bieber fan and appreciate everything he is doing to help people improve health.” Leslie Goldman, General Partner & Co-Founder The Artemis Fund
"I just learned about this group and met David a couple of weeks ago. I am blown away by the quality and ethos of the people on this platform! The individuals I have spoken with so far have all been passionate about making a meaningful positive impact while remaining true to who they are and what matters most. So many good things came out of 2020 for me, and learning about this platform is definitely one of those! I look forward to getting more involved in 2021. David Bieber, congrats on a year well lived! By the way, we are launching one of our services - COVID monitoring system - in Brazil, and ALL thanks to you and your group. You are making good things happen!!"Rachel Salomonsen, MPH, PhD
"I have been part of Rehabilitation Health for several years now. As a part of the network, I have had the opportunity to meet other health professionals as well as other experts who are important for entrepreneurs to know, people I never even considered needing to know prior to being part of the group. Being involved in the network has given me access to experts who have helped me grow my business in ways I never thought possible, including bringing to life an app and learning how to get more exposure to both the app and myself. I am excited to see how the network continues to help grow my business."Brianne Showman, Founder Get Your Fix PT
"This is very exciting as any successful person knows they never did it alone. There are always people helping along the way. The best part is, that you don't have to wait to be successful to offer help. Everyone has something to offer and this community creates that culture where the first question is always 'How can I help'." Dr. Stephen Thomas, Associate Professor and Department Chair of Exercise Science at Thomas Jefferson University
Prescient Insights; Innovative Strategy; Extraordinary Execution; Tenacious Commitment to Results. At Avid Alexander, the organization behind Rehabilitation Health, David Bieber continues to build and harmonize a remarkable team along with like-minded partners who have the diverse skills and abilities necessary to enable health care professionals and other entrepreneurs to bring their ideas for innovative products and services to market. David has the vision to “see the entire court” and anticipate the implications of a changing landscape. David has the raw intelligence, well-honed skills, and deep sense of purpose necessary to capitalize on the changing landscape and overcome what others might consider insurmountable obstacles.

David is the very definition of “grit” – driven, focused, persistent, and inexhaustible. David is what we all hope to find in a leader of a lean, agile team that will navigate this age of disruption to optimize on the times that are upon us. David leads by example as a “doer” delivering results through well-honed, cross-functional skills. David inspires others, (from student interns to seasoned entrepreneurs to world-renowned experts in their specialized fields) to do the same.

David lives and breathes social media marketing; internet-enabled process simplification; IP protection; as well as the tediously complex and essential tasks of product development, manufacturing and distribution. David is hands-on driving daily results; prolific in generating high-quality social media content that expands his and his partners’ network as well as initiating direct contact and revenue with customers. David draws upon the expertise of others to listen, learn, and put in place optimal solutions to run and grow businesses more efficiently and effectively.Frank Andryauskas Former Staples CIO, KB Toys CIO & EVP Supply Chain, Thermofisher Scientific VP Web Merchandising & Analytics